This session focussed on understanding challenges for in-house legal teams and using opportunities like the current economic situation to partner with the business.

John Abramson, experienced GC and Kristian Laingchild, Deputy GC at Nationwide led an engaging discussion on demonstrating the value of legal during these challenging times.

John Abramson emphasised the significance of trust in transforming relationships with senior stakeholders from merely providing a service to delivering a valuable service. Watch here…

Putting ourselves into our clients’ shoes helps us take a step back and thrive as partners to the business (as well as ultimately drive success). Listen to this soundbite to hear John build on this aspect of GCs and in-house teams’ roles and discuss how leveraging their unique perspective from a legal lens adds value every day and not just in times of stress.

Important takeaways showcasing the value of legal within business:

4 Key Top Tips from the session: