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About Cognia Law

“Our Vision”

Cognia Law was founded with four core principles in mind: (1) provide commercial value to clients in quantifiable terms; (2) remain technologically forward-thinking; (3) openly collaborate; and (4) providing talented individuals a career alternative in a team in which they can thrive.

“Our Talent”

We recognize that our position as a next-generation legal service provider depends on attracting, retaining and promoting the best legal talent. In the end, it is our lawyers, project managers, legal technology specialist, and others, that define Cognia Law’s ability to provide value. That is the bottom-line. We also understand that in order to retain the best quality of people, Cognia Law must provide a working environment and nurture a career trajectory that keeps everyone motivated. For that reason, here at Cognia Law, our people come first. Whether it is rising through Cognia Law’s management ranks, or fostering a career as a corporate law department leader, or becoming an forward-thinking law firm partner, a core mission at Cognia Law is to help our employees succeed in work and life.

“Our Team”

Our organisation is led by Janet Taylor-Hall, an executive with more than 18 years of industry experience and formerly of Ernst & Young, Clifford Chance and Integreon. The team brings strong legal, consulting, implementation and outsourcing experience to the table. We know what it takes to implement and deliver a secure world class service.

“Our Locations”

We maintain a blended shoring network, operating offshore legal support teams in South Africa and the EU. The South Africa value proposition is compelling: cost-effective pool of talented lawyers, excellent communication abilities, seamless cultural alignment with European countries, and a shared EU time zone. Our near shore resources in turn provide the proximity link and direct access to create a comfortably integrated outsourcing relationship.

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