Individually we are strong; together we thrive

We recruit people who have the same core values as us and encourage you to bring your whole self to work.

We combine an open and honest approach with high standards, hard work and fun to create a great place to work. Cognians are more than legal experts, we use a wide range of skills to solve our clients’ business challenges.

Our values



Quality and excellence are the cornerstones of everything we do



We treat every individual with dignity; valuing diversity, honesty and authenticity



We value our relationships and create opportunities for all: individually we are strong; together we thrive



While clients navigate a rapidly changing world of law, we understand that innovation, flexibility, and creativity are key

Career opportunities

Whether you’re just starting out or have many years’ experience, we are always looking for talented people in various fields from senior, experienced lawyers to paralegals, business and legal operations professionals, project managers, legal technologists and data scientists.

Why work at Cognia?


You can bring your whole self to work at Cognia with the assurance that you will be supported. You have the opportunity to work with people from diverse backgrounds and pull together as a team, celebrating one another’s success.


You will deliver leading-edge services to great clients in a supportive environment. We know not everyone works in the same way, so Cognia creates flexibility for our team to pursue personal interests alongside achieving exceptional outcomes for our clients.


Cognia invests in our team in a holistic way, including salary and benefits, awards and rewards, continuous learning and development, a proactive approach to health and wellbeing, and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Forward -thinking

Cognia was set up to redefine the world of law by breaking down barriers and challenging assumptions. We believe that we can achieve our strategy over the long-term by operating ethically and consistently delivering sustainable outcomes for our clients.