95% of Cognians positively relate to our community programme

We strive to create a world of law with dignity where our people can use their talents to help communities thrive

Our community strategy

We are committed to making a difference in our communities by focusing on three key areas


Engaging in skills development, particularly among less privileged young people, to help them be more marketable and create opportunities for their further employment.


Supporting all levels of education and improving the quality of and access to education, in particular to promote learning opportunities for vulnerable groups.


Sharing our learnings, knowledge and skills as mentors to young people navigating the world of work, coupled with providing opportunities experience the workplace.

Core partnerships

We have dedicated partnerships with the following charities and not for profit organisations to channel our support

A safe house within Cognia’s immediate community in Cape Town, South Africa, for neglected children aged 6 months to 13 years. The Cognia team volunteer their time to spend with the children, organise fund raisers, and periodically make lunch boxes for the children as part of a feeding scheme.
A non-profit organisation in Cape Town, South Africa, that enables disadvantaged youth to pull themselves and each other out of poverty and into tertiary education or employment. We provide pro bono legal guidance and mentor final year learners, including career days where professionals from various industries share their knowledge on different career paths and accessing TedX Youth events.
A non-profit and public benefit organisation established in the Mfuleni community, situated in Cape Town, South Africa. Their various projects aim at promoting children’s rights, early childhood development and community involvement.  We provide pro bono legal services, raise funds and Cognia team members mentor and train the staff in skills such as financial management.

Complementary initiatives

We also get involved in other charitable activities where we can have impact

Mandela Day highlights the need for all of us to stay involved in our communities
Cognians eagerly participate in Casual Day activities in support of people with disabilities
Spreading festive season joy to the less fortunate via the Santa Shoebox initiative is always a worthy cause
Contributing towards Operation Smile, supporting them in performing life-saving reconstructive cleft surgeries worldwide.
Donating pet food to DARG who rescue, care for and re-home previously abused and abandoned cats and dogs.

Recent activities

Putting people first means being sensitive to opportunities where we can make a real difference