Contract Management as a Service

Taking away the burden of everyday contracting with a proven contract management solution

Optimising your contracting process utilising people enabled by our AI-driven technology, CogniaXceed.

reduction in revenue leakage

Are your team over-stretched drafting, reviewing and negotiating contacts?

We remove the burden from your team.

Rethinking your contract management processes?

Tap into our experience.

Looking for a tech-enabled managed service solution?

We provide cost and outcome predictability.

Explore the three pillars and details of Contact Management as a Service

Create competitive advantage

Our legal experts, backed by templates, playbooks, MI, and an AI-enabled platform CogniaXceed, ensuring contracting peace-of-mind that is cost-effective. Our proven approach will support you in streamlining your everyday contracting tasks, freeing up your time for tackling complex legal matters, strategic decision making and achieving your business objectives.

Free up time for your strategic priorities

Whether you’re implementing a new commercial contracting solution, or considering it, find out how CogniaXceed can help you deliver results quickly.

The first step is to use our maturity matrix to review your current approach and discuss in detail your requirements. This builds a practical understanding of what you need so you enter the software market as a sophisticated buyer. We also recommend creating a proof of concept and running a pilot before you make a significant investment.


Helping you succeed

Making a difference for you


Applying the highest standards at every step of the process, from inception to completion.


A modular service that builds to meet your needs with an easy transfer process (we do the heavy lifting for you).


Flexibility to switch tech and migrate to new solutions so you don’t get stuck with legacy software.


Hands-on executive team and proactive experts considering potential legal and commercial ramifications at pace.