Intelligent review

40% less time spent on manual input

We strike the optimal balance between integrating technology to improve efficiency and relying on seasoned professionals to deliver value, maintain quality and minimise risk.

Managed review

Flexible, on-demand, scalable expertise with lawyers and paralegals experienced in working across the E-Discovery reference model.

Due diligence

A tech-enabled, process-optimised platform able to automate key activities, tag conflict checks, run quality tests and manage search creation.


Established legal platform for digitised intelligent review of third-party information complemented by subject matter experts.

Managed review

Proven track record of successful engagements delivering managed document review work, with specialist expertise in e-discovery services, for corporates, banks and global law firms.

Smooth collaboration

We work effectively with law firms and tech providers to support early case assessments and accurately review documents.

Tailored solutions

Optimised workflow processes and communication protocols which quickly and efficiently solve your specific requirements.

Proven delivery

Our project management framework underpins all our client work to ensure costs are tracked and tasks are completed on time.

Diverse skills on-hand

Through our experienced talent, we can offer a broad range of services to cover all the stages of the ADR and litigation process.

Don't just take our word for it

Chosen partner delivering faster turnaround without compromising quality on high volume ediscovery requests for US law firm

Significant volumes are delivered in record time with access to experts able to review documents in Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Cognia’s integrated team use all the client’s e-discovery platforms and are certified in Relativity, Ringtail, Catalyst and BrainSpace.

Topical and individual reviewer errors are avoided by project managers and experienced QC lawyers carrying out quality checks at every step of the process.

Saved time and money supporting top tier law firm with allegations review for regulatory investigation on irregular conduct at Australian trading broker

Supported a top tier global law firm representing an Australian trading brokerage, negotiating settlement of civil penalty proceedings with Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)

Six second-level reviewers from Cognia reviewed 600 allegations in 10 days.

Allegations review and templates completed ahead of time, and well within budget, allowing the matter team to progress the settlement negotiations prior to their deadline.

Maintained quality providing managed document review services for global law firm responding to a regulatory investigation at a client

Reviewed 10 customer complaints related to investigation, ranging from 1,000 to 3,500 documents per customer.

23 paralegals, lawyers and project managers from Cognia, reviewed 22,000 documents via the Ringtail e-discovery platform, categorised the dataset , created a chronology and completed legal analyses.

The project maintained quality standards and completed within the four-week timeline.

Due diligence

We reduce due diligence costs, ramp up teams quickly and deliver better outcomes using a strategic approach.

AI-enabled extraction

Documents uploaded into trained AI extraction tool

Outputs analysed and iteratively trained on client documents and language

Physical review

Platform pre-populated with gauge tested questionnaire to create structured data

Experienced Cognia team review and interpret data

Senior Cognia lawyers manage escalations and complex documents as part of quality control


Structured data fed into visualisation platform

Results available for dynamic manipulation

Projects managers and data specialists deliver tailored reports

Don't just take our word for it

Scaled up and provided quality support for global law firm's due diligence offering

Created efficiency and cost savings whilst maintaining quality.

Maintained confidence for the law firm that they wouldn’t experience resource constraints by undertaking larger, more complex projects flexibly.

Developed tailored solutions for each client supported by the law firm including legal and project management support during many due diligence projects.

Enhanced quality through dedicated team supporting law firm with obligations review for global bank

Reams of data related to Australian financial regulatory obligations reviewed from many sources such as legislation, regulations and industry guides.

Research completed in nine weeks across the UK, Australia, and Singapore, in Financial Services, Superannuation, Insurance and Customer Information.

Cognia’s mid-level and senior lawyers used VDI connection to access law firm’s IT environment and their HighQ Collaborate workflow to complete reviews.

Legal research and project management support to develop an online compliance tool for Magic Circle law firm's financial services clients

Research across all 17 jurisdictions completed, and uploaded to the online tool, within four weeks.

Quality enhanced through a dedicated team and agile project management.

20% cost saving delivered.


We offer personalised, top-quality, result-oriented legal research services that leverage our experience and technical expertise, combined with  research tools.  Our legal research experience spans: multi-jurisdictional, legal professionals, statutory & legislative and corporate governance.