Financial Services

 At Cognia Law, we provide managed services for the legal and compliance functions of banks, asset managers, insurance companies and other financial institutions, including services related to OTC derivatives contracts and structured products.

Our teams of lawyers and consultants have developed integrated solutions that support market participants in relation to both business-as-usual (‘BAU’) and project-based work, including assisting clients to navigate the environment and challenges brought on by the introduction of new local and international laws and regulations (EMIR, MIFID II, GDRP, etc.) and the structural changes necessitated by events such as Brexit.

Work of this nature is often associated with aggressive timelines and large work volumes. In response to this, Cognia Law is able to provide end-to-end contract negotiation and project management support for the repapering and remediation of existing client contracts, thus alleviating the pressure on in-house legal.

Cognia Law’s BAU support is made possible through the deployment of permanent managed teams, both onsite and offsite of the clients’ business premises. Our right-shoring strategy allows us to reduce costs for clients while delivering high-quality, flexible services from our various service locations across the world. We pride ourselves on offering a unique blend of senior legal expertise and first-class onshore and offshore delivery capabilities, as well as cutting-edge IT expertise, to deliver our services.

In relation to banking products, we have specific expertise and experience in the drafting and negotiation of master agreements, including ISDA, FBF, GMSLA, GMRA and EMA, and structured products, as well as various related and general contract work-types.

Our compliance support teams, staffed with compliance analysts, research specialists and lawyers, are able to support clients by covering bandwidth shortfalls, thus reducing compliance-related external spend. Compliance teams include, but are not limited to, performing on-going legislative research on multiple jurisdictions, mass document reviews as part of internal audits or risk assessments, and implementation exercises on resulting audit recommendations (e.g. re-papering projects).

We support clients both directly and as an integrated part of a law-firm-wrapped managed legal service, offered in conjunction with one of our law firm partners.

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