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Why Cognia Law

Why Cognia Law

“Our Strategy: Next Generation Legal Outsourcing”

We are redefining the strategic value proposition of legal outsourcing as something more than myopic cost cutting through offshoring. Our goal is to constantly push for improving efficiency through an optimal balance between automation and right-shoring. Our contributions must be measurable and in service of the business development objectives now confronting legal departments, compliance programs and law firms. In short, we understand from experience how to implement and deliver a secure world class service.

“Collaborating with Innovative Technology”

Cognia Law recognises that embracing new technology is the key to optimising an outsourcing engagement. We also recognise that remaining on the cutting edge means researching and partnering with innovative technology players. Our services integrate a range of technology platforms in the areas of data, search capabilities, document assembly, automated data extraction, contract life-cycle management, process analytics and workflow tools.

“Leadership in Contract Management and Due Diligence”

Cognia Law’s emphasis is on the next frontier: applying a powerful combination of project management work flows, process automation, search technologies, virtual collaboration, and advanced analytics reporting to construct next-generation contract management and transactional due diligence services.

“Leveraging South Africa”

South Africa provides the professional resourcing advantages of popular low-cost jurisdictions, like India, coupled with time zone and cultural alignment with European countries, and best-in-class communications skills. In addition to servicing the U.K., mainland Europe and Australia, Cognia Law also provides foreign investors and their legal representation with reliable legal support options for entering and navigating African markets.

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